Monday, August 5, 2013

The Grace of Shiva

Today I feel so wonderful taste of ananda (bliss) everywhere. Today I feel some deep emotion in my heart. Today Lord Shiva is shining inside and outside...I look at the calendar and understand that today is Shravana Shivratri!
So let me share with you this great shabar mantra dedicated to Shiva Adinath:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Way to the Nath Sampradaya

Recently I've received so many questions about how to join our Nath Sampradaya, how to enter to Natha's Community etc. Generally it is a good, important question and I'm going to consider it. 
First of all it is necessary to be aware of the role of Guru in the Nath Tradition. As Siddha-siddhanta Paddhati says, Guru is the essence of the Siddha's teaching (the teaching of perfect yogis):

आज्ञासिद्धिकरं सदा समुचितं सम्पूर्णमाभामकम्।
पिण्डे सर्वगतं विधानममलं सिद्धान्तसारं वरम्॥
भ्रान्तेर्निर्हरणं सुखातिसुखदं कालान्तकं शाश्वतं।
तन्नित्यं कलनोद्गतं गुरुमयं ज्ञेयं निरुत्यं पदम्॥ V.93 ||